We are looking for talented staff with strong programming desire. Learn from the best in the world. And exposed to numerous leading edge projects from SAP, BigData, 3D Games and Mobility. Here are the current jobs that we want you to join our team!

Join the team, email to us - jobs @

Lead/Senior Webservice Developer (Ruby on Rails)

3-5 years experience in developing webservices. Ruby On Rails is like in your heart and soul already.Besides that, HTML5 and Javascript/Jquery, that is the norm for you. Would be nice if you have experience in NoSQL.Otherwise, you should be familiar with postgresSQL / MySQL. Familiar with some of these technology such as ssh,unix command line, apache, etc. Come work with our strong team to change the world. We are doing something very groundbreaking, be part of us, be a team player to conquer the world.

Web Developer (Ruby on Rails/CakePHP/NodeJS/etc)

You are good in web development programming. Understands the fundamental well. Just loves the web. Show us something you have done on Ruby On Rails/CakePHP/NodeJS/etc. You can work with database well and are familiar with unix based command lines.

Mobile Developers (iOS and Android)

Showcase some of the excellent work you have done for iOS or Android. Impress us with your capability, and discover with us the power of enterprise mobility. We will show you a lot of cool things in mobile development.

3D Modelers

You are good in 3D modelling, sculpting, skinning, rigging and most of all animation. You can use 3D Studio Max or Blender or Maya very well. We need you to make the character come alive!

SAP ABAP Developers

You have 2 or more years of experience in SAP ABAP. You know how to code, debug and deploy and have seen part of the SAP lifecycle. Work with the team that connects Mobile and SAP together. Its the future you should be heading for. Executive You know how to use Powerpoint, Excel, Word. You will also do contracting work. You are the center of things happening. Have very good flair of language. Your job is to make sure everything in the office runs smoothly. Thats how important and great you are.

Interns (Web Developers/Mobile Developers/Game Developers)

You love programming, you love code, you love the mobile and web. We want the best intern hackers to join us. Seriously, you must love coding. Because we are world class, you will be too.

Interns (3D Modelers)

You have an artitic flair and able to model well. We need you to make the characters come alive!

Interns (E-commerce Web Developer)

- have experienced with Magento platform
- very good in PHP/MySQL/Bootstrap

Interns (IT Sales and Marketing)

- strong social network person
- able to present well
- able to create reports (business plan, sales and marketing strategy)
- IT savvy
- can do some accounting work