Who We Are

He is a leading international expert on Enterprise Mobility. Firdaus was formerly the SAP Mobility Master Architect at Accenture Finland engaged in the Accenture Nordic Mobility Setup. Prior to that he was a senior technical consultant at Nokia with expatriate positions in South Korea, China, Japan and UK working onsite providing technical project management and consultancy with top leading mobile vendors including Samsung, LG and Sony. He was also software engineer at SSH Communication Security which invented industry leading SSH protocol. He returned back to Malaysia via TalentCorp with over 12 years of international experience under him. He is a multi platform expert on variety of platform such as HTML5, iOS, Android, WM - certified Appcelerator Titanium and an SAP certified trained the trainer for SAP Mobility Platform. He is also a core consultant certified by Accenture. A 3D expert in Unity3D using Kinect and LeapMotion gesture devices. Firdaus is an MSc in Telecommunication graduate from Helsinki University of Technology. He has filed 3 patents from multimedia, crowdsourcing, social network and games.

We are a scientific company with researchers in PhD and Masters degree in Computer Science. We specializes in Artificial Intelligence and IOT from Natural Language Process to Image Processing.